Bringing your polythene to us

Bringing your polythene to us

We have sites across the UK ready to accept your polythene

Along with the collection from farms, we also have collection sites around the UK where farmers can take along their waste at a reduced charge saving them money

These include farmers markets, waste transfer sites, landfill sites or farmers groups. Sites are popular amongst farmers as charges are very competitive against landfill and skip hire charges.

We do operate well with skip hire companies and waste transfer sites throughout the UK that can offer farmers a local point for responsible disposal of their waste. These sites then bulk up the waste ready for collection for recycling.

Please do contact us if you have a bulk collection, or are a skip hire company or waste transfer site that wishes to divert your material away from landfill.

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We collect and recycle your farm plastics. Loose or bagged polythene which can be clean or dirty

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