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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What plastic can be collected?

    We can collect
    Silage wrap - Preferably loose - in one heap on the yard
    Silage sheeting - Preferably loose - in one heap on the yard
    Feed/Sawdust Bags - Preferably tied in flat bundles
    Fertilizer Bags - Preferably tied in flat bundles
    Crop film / polytunnel - Kept in sections for ease of loading

  • Can netting be recycled?

    NO -Netting cannot be recycled

  • Polythene is collected loose from one heap

    Silage wrap and sheet can be stored loose together in one heap in the yard accessible for the lorry to load. Preferably any bagged material would be emptied prior to collection - as bags need to be opened before loading.

  • Can the polythene be delivered rather than collected ?

    Yes, at a reduced charge - Please call for your nearest market site.

  • How do we collect?

    All lorries are self loading with a weighlink attached so that each grab full is weighed before being loaded onto the lorry - SO THAT YOU CAN TELL THE DRIVER HOW MUCH YOU WANT TAKEN AWAY .

  • Are there any reductions for bulk collections?

    Yes, if collected from one site.