About EKOPLY Recycled Plastic Sheets


News Update

As a result of the current economic situation regarding the recycling of agricultural plastics both in the UK and export, we have made the decision to suspend our collection service from farms indefinitely, unless the requirement for silage wrap/film increases and drives demand for the material, which will in turn reduce collection costs.

We are currently able to assist in recycling of agricultural film from waste transfer sites only, as we are not responsible for the additional collection costs and storage of material. Whereas we were previously paid a contribution for delivering material into the recycling plants, we are now obliged to pay an increasing gate fee for every tonne delivered in.

Both these actions will require substantial increased charges to our customers, to such an extent that farmers have voiced concerns over the increased costs in comparison to the costs at landfill sites. Unfortunately, it is now far more economical for farmers to take their waste to landfill sites which we cannot compete against.

Obviously, we are extremely disappointed that the tonnages of waste agricultural polythene being made available for recycling have not reached their potential, but as farmers ourselves, we appreciate that the cost of recovery of farm plastic for recycling is now too high for the farming industry.

We would like to thank our valued and loyal customers over the past 30 years for their continued support of our service, and should the situation change then we will of course advise accordingly.